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Sacramento, California 2016

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Focus on Organics - click here for audio

Organics Diversions Legislation Is Hot Is Sacramento!

Nick Lapis, CAW, Californians Against Waste

Organics Legislative and Regulatory Update

Howard Levenson, CalRecycle

Breaking The Regulatory Logjam For Organics Processing

Matt Cotton, Integrated Waste Management Consulting, LLC

Sustainable Material Management - click here for audio

New Paradigms: Closed Circle Economy & SMM

Neil Seldman, Institute for Local Self Reliance

Consumption-Based GHG Inventories & Sustainable Consumption

David Burch, Bay Area Air Quality Management District

USEPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program

Zoe Heller, US EPA, Region 9

Moderated by: Jon Gire, CRRA Recyclers Global Warming Council

Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling Update - click here for audio

Rebecca Jewell, Consultant

Comprehensive Regional Success With CalGreen Recycling Compliance

David Ghirardelli, County of Sacramento

Moderated by: Delyn Kies, Kies Strategies

Don't Dump on California! - Current Approaches to Illegal Dumping - click here for audio

Curbing The Rise Of Illegal Dumping In San Jose

Ed Ramirez, City Of San Jose

Help! We Have An Illegal Dumping Problem!

Tim Higares, City Of Richmond

Curbing Illegal Dumping With A Diminishing Budget & Staff By Using Your Waste Hauler & Volunteers

Julie Haas-Wajdowicz, City Of Antioch

Moderated by: Garth Schultz, R3 Consulting Group, Inc.

Food Rescue - Two Programs Make It Happen, plus EPA's Big Picture - click here for audio

CalRecycle's Waste Characterization Database - Updated & Expanded

Nancy Carr & Mark Umfress, CalRecycle

EPA's National Wasted Food Mapping Tool

Charlotte Ely, US EPA Region 9

Diverting Edible Food from Disposal in Santa Clara County

Karen Gissibl, City of Sunnyvale

Food Cycle SD, an Integrated System Solution for San Diego County

Jessica Toth, Solana Center for Environmental Innovation

Moderated by: Ruth Abbe, Abbe Associates

Update from the Front Lines - click here for audio

Marine Debris & Its Impact On Our Food & Health & The Extinction Of The Albatross

Charles Moore, Algalita

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse...Revamping The 3 R's To Mitigate Plastic Pollution

Genevieve Abedon, Californians Against Waste

Ride Waves, Not Waste Program

Jessica Toth, Solana Center for Environmental Innovation

Moderated by: Richard Anthony, Zero Waste San Diego

Recycling in the Age of Product Transparency - click here for audio

Overview Of The Optimize Recycling Research Effort

Wes Sullens, StopWaste

Findings from the Optimize Recycling Research

Jim Valette, Healthy Building Network

Implications on Policy

Barry Hooper, San Francisco Department of the Environment

Moderated by: Wes Sullens

Going Green in Pleasanton and Oakland - click here for audio

Forming Effective Partnerships to Reduce School Waste

Debbie Jeffery, Pleasanton Garbage Service

Forming Effective Partnerships to Reduce School Waste

Jim Hansen, Pleasanton USD

Reducing Cafeteria Waste: Two Schools, Two Approaches

Nancy Deming, Oakland Unified School District

Moderated by: Jill Buck, Go Green Initiative

Cultural Competence in Recycling Programs - click here for audio

Recycling & Composting Participation Strategies for All of Oakland’s Residents

Andrea Deleon, Cascadia Consulting Group

There’s More to Spanish Outreach Than Translating Your Brochure

Hugo Mata, C2 Alternative Services

Finding the Right Message to Find the Right Messenger

Megan Kang, S. Groner Associates, Inc.

Moderated by: Stephanie Noren, Cascadia Consulting Group

Reducing Food Waste at Its Source – Case Studies from Leading Programs - click here for audio

Strategies For Reducing Food Waste

Dana Gunders, Natural Resource Defense Council

EPA Food Recovery Challenge & Food Waste Reduction Tools For Communities

Wendi Shafir, US EPA Region 9

Tools to Measure and Reduce Food Waste

Andrew Shakman, Leanpath

Moderated by: Julie Bryant, San Francisco Department of the Environment

Outreach Makeovers: From Research to Implementation - click here for audio

Changing Behavior in Recycling and Organics / Smartening Up Our Outreach: A Story in 3 Parts

Dana D'Souza, SERA-Skumatz Economic Research

Kas Neteler, Gigantic Idea Studio

Lisa Duba, Gigantic Idea Studio

Moderated by: Jordan Figueiredo, Castro Valley Sanitary District

Monterey's Achievements and Los Angeles' Plans - click here for audio

Strategy, Franchises, & Funding for the MRWMD

Rob Hilton, HF&H Consultants

Building the Infrastructure for a 75% Future in the MRWMD

Tim Flanagan, Monterey Regional Waste Management District

What Is Happening To The Waste In LA County?

Patrick Holland, LA County Public Works

Moderated by: Rob Hilton, HF&H Consultants

EPR That Works - click here for audio

EPR That Works

Doug Kobold, County of Sacramento

EPR That Works

Heidi Sanborn, California Product Stewardship Council

Bye Bye Mattress Program Update

Mike O'Donnell, Mattress Recycling Council

"Carbon Farming" to Restore Soil and Save the Climate - click here for audio

Carbon Farming: Increasing Carbon Capture on California's Working Lands

Jeff Creque, Carbon Cycle Institute

What Marin's RCD Is Doing to Maximize Carbon Planning & Compost Utilization

Nancy Scolari, Marin RCD

Leveraging The Latest Science On Compost & Long-Term Carbon Sequestration

Calla Rose Ostrander, Marin Carbon Project

Moderated by: Will Bakx, Sonoma Compost

Anaerobic Digestion - Getting “Wet” or Staying “Dry”? - click here for audio

Paul Relis, CR&R Inc

Hilary Gans, South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA)

MRWMD Dry AD Project Update

Jeff Lindenthal, Monterey Regional Waste Management District

Moderated by: Hilary Gans


Sort It Out! - MRF Residue/Contamination Issues and Solutions - click here for audio

The State Of The MRF & Our Increasing Problem With Residual

Tim Dewey-Mattia, Napa Recycling & Waste Services

Contamination Issues & Solutions

Susan Collins, Container Recycling Institute

How Commodity Prices & Material Shifts Have Created A Major Pinch For MRFs - & Details The Straightforward Path Back To Profitability

Patty Moore, Moore Recycling Associates

Moderated by: Tom Wright, Carton Council

SWANA Legislative Update - click here for audio

Nancy Ewert, Kern County

Mark Bowers, City Of Sunnyvale

Jason Schmeltzer, Shaw/Yoder/Antwih, Inc.

Heidi Sanborn, California Product Stewardship Council

Nick Lapis, Californians Against Waste

Moderated by: Joe La Mariana, County Of San Mateo

Implementing Compost Collection in Multifamily Residences - click here for audio

Sharing & Ownership Works

Matthew Krupp, City of Palo Alto

Best Practices & Lessons Learned in Multi-family Organics Outreach

Laura McKaughan, Envirolutions Consulting

Moving Beyond Mandatory for 100% Participation Compliance

James Slattery, San Francisco Department of the Environment

Moderated by: Walker Wells, Global Green USA

Count Down to Zero - click here for audio

Threats & Opportunities To Zero Waste & Environmental Justice From Federal & State Climate Policies

Ahmina Maxey, GAIA

Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit

Sebastian Beshk, US EPA

Comparing the Carbon Footprints of SF Bay Area Communities

Chris Jones, CoolClimate Network - UC Berkeley

Moderated by: John Davis, Mojave Desert & Mountain Recycling Authority

AB 1826 - Challenges and Strategies for Mandatory Commercial Organics - click here for audio

AB 1826 in Central Contra Costa County

Kimberly Lam, Republic Services

AB 1826 in the City of Rancho Cordova

Steve Harriman, City of Rancho Cordova

Utilizing Food Donation Programs for AB 1826 Implementation

Marv Zauderer,

Moderated by: Natalie Lessa, R3 Consulting Group, Inc.

The New World Disorder - click here for audio

Can We Recycle Our Way Forward? Don't Miss this Film

Monica Wilson, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives

Crisis, Collapse, Faith & the Future

Martin Bourque, Ecology Center

Plastics - The New World Disorder

Samantha Sommer, Clean Water Action

Moderated by: Monica Wilson

Show Me the Money! - Funding Recycling Facilities - click here for audio

IBank Recycling Funding Programs

Emily Burgos, California Infrastructure & Economic Development Bank

CalRecycle Financing Programs

Marashalle Graham, CalRecycle

Financing Environmental Programs & Small Business

Renee Webster-Hawkins, California Pollution Control Financing Authority at the State Treasurer's Office

Moderated by: Colleen Foster, City of Oceanside & Alice Scott, California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank

Carpet Stewardship - Q&A with C.A.R.E. - click here for audio

State of the State of Carpet Recycling

Bob Peoples, Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE)

Products Produced from Recycled California Carpet Material

Mike Tinney, Tinney Associates

Carpet Stewardship: Tools for Local Governments

Brennen Jensen, CARE

Wes Nelson, GreenWaste Carpet Recycling

Moderated by:  Rebecca Jewell, Consultant

Zero Waste Spotlight in Paris Climate Agreement - click here for audio

Paris Climate Conference Zero Waste Overview

Ahmina Maxey, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives

Paris Climate Conference - Oakland & Local Government Participation

Daniel Hamilton, City of Oakland

Paris Climate Conference - California Participation

Deanna Spehn, CA State Assembly

Moderated by: Mark Gagliardi, CRRA Recyclers Global Warming Council

Organics Processing Infrastructure - Studies, Certification and Successes - click here for audio

Organics Processing Technologies & Infrastructure Case Study

Tracie Bills, SCS Engineers

Certification of Organics Facilities

Dave Ghirardelli, County of Sacramento

New Food Waste Compost Facility in Central Valley

Video clip previously in slide 8 not included this version of the presentation.  Please contact presenter for details.

Ivette Rodriquez, Mid Valley Disposal

Moderated by: Tim Flanagan, Monterey Regional Waste Management District

Drugs & Sharps - New Approaches to Old Problems - click here for audio

Taking It To The Next Level: Drugs, Sharps & Mandatory Participation

Tim Goncharoff, County Of Santa Cruz

Drugs & Sharps EPR: The Big Picture

Heidi Sanborn, California Product Stewardship Council

EPR: The San Francisco Approach

Maggie Johnson, City & County of San Francisco

Reducing Pollution, Cutting Costs and Protecting the Public

Waymond Wong, San Mateo County Environmental Health

Moderated by: Doug Kobold, County of Sacramento, Dept of Waste Management & Recycling

Negotiating for Results - click here for audio

Designing Programs & Compensation for Zero Waste Communities

Peter Deibler, HF&H Consultants

Designing RFPs & Franchises for Zero Waste Communities

Lauren Barbieri, HF&H Consultants

Negotiating & Implementing Franchises for Zero Waste Communities

Tracy Swanborn, HF&H Consultants

Moderated by: Debra Kaufman,

Wood-ageddon! Diversion Impacts of Biomass Plant Closures - click here for audio

Woodageddon, Where We Are Now

Michael Gross, Zanker Recycling

Biomass Infrastructure & Current Status, Including Efforts Through Legislation & Advocacy

Julee Malinowski-Ball, California Biomass Energy Alliance

The Urban Origins Of Biomass Materials: C&D Processing

Wes Sullens, StopWaste

Urban Origins of Biomass: Composting

Will Bakx, Sonoma Compost

Moderated by: Rebecca Jewell, Consultant

Zero Waste in Local Climate Action Plans - click here for audio

Estimating Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Reductions From Expanding Materials Recovery In Your Community

Karen Irwin, US EPA

Fitting Zero Waste into the Climate Action Puzzle

Cory Downs, City of Chula Vista

ZW Climate Protection in Local Government Ops CAP

Ryan Bell, Alameda County GSA

Moderated by: Julie Haas-Wajdowicz, CRRA Recyclers Global Warming Council

Commercial Organics - Maximizing Recovery and Minimizing Contamination - click here for audio

Getting Small To Medium Commercial Generators To Minimizing Contamination For Maximum Recovery

Janelle Fitzpatrick, San Francisco Department of Environment

Digestion Preparation: The Keys to Contaminant Free Feedstock

Kimberly Scheibly, Marin Sanitary Service Marin Recycling & Resource Recovery

Commercial Organics Contamination – A Bay Area Survey

Steven Sherman, East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)

Moderated by: Jack Macy, San Francisco Department of the Environment


Innovations in Rates and Terms - click here for audio

Today & Tomorrow: Long-term Contracts in a Changing World

Constance Hornig, Law Offices

Accelerating Rates of Change Need Changes in Setting Rates

William OToole, EcoNomics Inc

Elements of Best Practices Solid Waste Franchise Agreements

David Pinter, R3 Consulting Group, Inc

Reaching Your Audience In Person, Through Social Media and with Data - click here for audio

Sustainable Living Series - Engaging Community Members through Zero Waste Workshops

Sam DeCapua, I Love a Clean San Diego

12 Budget-Friendly Social Media Hacks For Creating Engaging, Educational Content

Tracy Bugh, Recycle by City

Social Media as a Market Research Tool

Stephen Groner, S. Groner Associates

Moderated by: Lois Courchaine, Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority

Zero Waste Universities - click here for audio

SacState HHW Recycling & the Recycling & Waste Diversion Program Successes

Joey Martinez, CSU Sacramento

Striving For A Zero Waste Campus: Can We Get There By 2020?

Colleen McCormick, UC Merced

Don’t Rush to Flush: Meds in the Bin We All Win!

Janet Dumonchelle, CSU Sacramento

Moderated by: Ryan Todd, CSU Sacramento

AB 1826 - San Diego Rises to the Challenge - click here for audio

County of San Diego & Organics -Case Studies & Capacity/Facility Overview

Eric Wolff, County of San Diego

Going Beyond Food Scraps Composting & Building Community Sustainable Solutions

Ana Carvalho, City of San Diego

A Municipal Perspective On Composting For Residents & Businesses

David DiDonato, City of Chula Vista

Moderated by: Colleen Foster, City of Oceanside

Getting an A in School Waste Reduction - click here for audio

Half Way to Zero- Oceanside Unified School District's Road to Zero Waste

Jenna Roripaugh, City of Oceanside

Awarding Excellence in School Recycling

Ray Scott, Keep California Beautiful/Price Disposal

Reducing Cafeteria Waste: Two Schools, Two Approaches

Jennifer McNeil, Encinitas Union School District

Moderated by: Debbi Dodson, Carton Council

Data That Matter - On the Route, In the Field and In the Cloud - click here for audio

A Case Study in Reducing Waste & Increasing Profitability

Michael Gross, Zanker Recycling & Dr. Ramesh Srinivasan, Eco-Catalyst

Optimized Recycling Outreach with In-Field Technology Solutions

Andrew Sloan, Cascadia Consulting Group

Efficient Data Management is Critical to Measuring Success

Chris Ronson, Re-TRAC Connect

Moderated by: Mark Bowers, City of Sunnyvale

ReUsePallooza! - click here for audio

Adding a Reuse Center to Your Household Hazardous Waste Facility

Jennifer Arbuckle, Northern Recycling & Waste Services

Celebrating Repair at Fixit Clinic

Peter Mui, Fixit Clinic

San Diego Fixit Clinic

Laura Anthony, Zero Waste San Diego

Moderated by: Shana Levy McCraken, Prevention, CRRA Reuse & Recyle Technical Council

Innovations in Residential Food Scrap Management - click here for audio

Pilot Food Scraps Collection Using Split Food Scraps/Garbage Carts

Karen Gissibl, City of Sunnyvale

San José’s Residential Food Waste Collection Program

Linda Chan, City of San Jose

City of Mountain View Food Scrap Collection Pilot

Lori Topley, City of Mountain View

Moderated by: Richard Gertman, For Sustainability Too

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