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  • 08 Aug 2018 12:12 PM | Lauren Molinari (Administrator)

    The Sonoma County Waste Management Agency is recruiting for two Waste Management Specialist positions.  Waste Management Specialists support, implement, and report on solid waste management programs that deal with litter control, recycling, waste reduction, and resource conservation.  They participate in events and conduct community outreach related to mandatory recycling requirements as well as overall efforts to improve waste reduction strategies.  The two positions are:

    Waste Reduction Specialist

    • Develops waste reduction policies in conjunction with policy advocacy organizations across the state and nation

    • Encourages and supports local business efforts to develop markets for recycled materials

    • Monitors local, state, and federal legislation related to waste

    • Manages a grant specific to encouraging beverage container recycling

    Organics Program Specialist

    • Manages programs to divert wood waste, green waste, and residential food waste from landfill disposal

    • Develops strategies to educate residents and businesses in an effort to remove organic material from landfill disposal

    • Develops resources and assists partner organizations with programs geared towards diverting edible food from landfills

    For more information, please visit

  • 08 Aug 2018 12:09 PM | Lauren Molinari (Administrator)

    Smarter Sorting has an opportunity for you to make some extra money with the knowledge and expertise you've built in this field over the years. 

    In case we haven't met yet, Smarter Sorting is a Venture Capital funded, Austin-based startup that uses machine learning to build the world's first smart chemical database.  We use that database to help North America's largest retailers and municipalities identify items in their regulated waste stream that can be diverted to reuse in a secondary market.  Our tech literally turns waste into product!

    As a team of top notch geeks and circular economy nerds, we're determined to build world class tech that transforms the chemical waste management industry, speeding our advancement towards a zero waste future.

    We're looking for people who want to help us expand our data set and make sure our system is the best in the business. This means we need experts to validate data, find new SDS links, enter new data and make sure recommendations are accurate. 

    Who we're looking for:

    - You want some part time work to fill time and make some extra money

    - You can read an SDS and speak the language

    - You nerd out about reuse and waste streams

    - You know how to use a computer and own one

    - You have reliable internet access

    - You hear the phrase "Flam Tox" and know it is more than a cool idea for a band name

    - You have heard of RCRA and have mentioned the words "acids and bases" multiple times since college

    What you'll be doing:
    - Product sleuthing

    - Data validation

    - SDS seeking

    Other details:

    - Pay is $25 an hour

    - This position can be anywhere from 1-20 hours a week, depending on how much work you want

    - We will provide training

    - We will provide access to the online tools necessary

    If you're interested, please apply here:

    If you have any questions, please email Margaret Spear at

  • 08 Aug 2018 12:04 PM | Lauren Molinari (Administrator)

    Reporting to the Executive Director, the Environmental Education Manager’s primary responsibilities include: improving waste reduction, recycling and organics performance at schools; overseeing the facility tour program to ensure quality control; managing special public events; managing Environmental Education staff, and fellows; and initiating and managing various related environmental education and policy efforts centered on waste reduction, recycling and community resiliency in the face of climate change. 

    For full job posting, click here

  • 28 Jul 2018 4:05 PM | Lauren Molinari (Administrator)

    CVSan is currently recruiting for the position of Solid Waste Specialist. This person will oversee and perform professional level analytical, technical assistance, and specialized work in support of CVSan’s solid waste management and collection, processing, and disposal services.  In addition, they will coordinate programs that will efficiently and economically reduce the generation of solid waste and actively divert solid waste from landfill disposal to meet local, state and federal regulations.

    For full job posting, click here

  • 13 Jul 2018 2:32 PM | Lauren Molinari (Administrator)

    The Recycling Coordinator develops and implements recycling and diversion programs and assists in the promotion of the Company’s recycling efforts. The Recycling Coordinator works directly with the Company’s customer base via telephone, onsite visits, events, trade shows and outreach educational programs to identify and educate them on proper recycling techniques to improve the quality of materials received at our Recycling Center(s).

    For full job description, click here

  • 13 Jul 2018 2:25 PM | Lauren Molinari (Administrator)

    This Deputy Director reports directly to the Department Director and manages a division of more than 40 employees and a budget of approximately $130 million. The Division oversees commercial and residential programs to collect, recycle and dispose of solid waste to minimize material sent to landfills. These programs include leadership and management of recycling and garbage services, large item pickup and illegal dumping. 

    For full job posting and description, click here

  • 13 Jul 2018 2:13 PM | Lauren Molinari (Administrator)

    The School Sustainability Associates (SSAs) provide opportunities for teachers, students and schools- based groups to directly contribute to the sustainability of their school and community by providing educational tours at our two Education Transfer Stations, in-class teacher training and instructional support for student action projects that enable elementary, middle, and high school classrooms and student groups throughout Alameda County.

    For full job posting, click here

  • 13 Jul 2018 2:04 PM | Lauren Molinari (Administrator)

    We are seeking a Project Assistant with a strong desire to provide education and assistance to businesses and residential properties to help implement recycling, composting, waste reduction, resource conservation, and pollution prevention programs. This position will require skills such as verbal and written communication, quantitative analysis, and problem-solving. This position will support field work and waste characterization studies in Cascadia’s Recycling & Materials Management (RMM) and Education, Communication, and Outreach (ECO) lines of business. This position is full-time and will be based in Cascadia’s Bay Area office, located in Oakland, CA. Community outreach will compose approximately 70% of the role and will require the ability to communicate effectively with people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. 

    For full job positing and description, click here

  • 13 Jul 2018 2:00 PM | Lauren Molinari (Administrator)

    The Recycling and Used Oil Supervisor will supervise all Recycling interns (approximately 15 but this number may fluctuate and increase over time).  The Supervisor will assist in evaluating interns on their skills completing daily routes, safety and operation inspections of vehicles and other equipment, safe work practices, information tracking, as well as knowledge surround the various types of recycling materials (paper, bottles and cans, metals, E-waste and used oil collection center visits. The Supervisor will also drive Class C trucks on regular routes for Civicorps Recycling when necessary.  

    For full job posting and description, click here

  • 01 Jul 2018 1:31 PM | Lauren Molinari (Administrator)

    Amador Valley Industries is seeking a Customer Service Representative (CSR).  The CSR will be a part of a small team who will assist Dublin residents and businesses with inquiries and service requests.

    This position requires a high school diploma and public contact experience.  

    Call center experience is highly desired.

    Work schedule is full time Monday through Friday 

    Please send resume to

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