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Los Angeles, California 2015

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Wednesday 8/5 Session Topic Presentation Title Presenter  Name Organization Email
Session 1 Zero Waste Climate Protection in CA & Beyond   Mark Gagliardi Recyclers Global Warming Council
    West Coast Climate Forum Update Timonie Hood US EPA Region 9
    Highest & Best Use Hierarchy Jamie Kaminski Zero Waste Canada
    Zero Waste in CA Climate & Energy Policy Evan Johnson CalRecycle
Session 2 The Elephant in the Room - Let's Talk Organics (It's not so scary after all) Colleen Foster City of Oceanside
Ana Carvalho City of San Diego
Lynn France City of Chula Vista
Rick Anthony Zero Waste San Diego
Michael Wonsidler County of San Diego
Session 3 Green Business   Jo Fleming Environmental Innovations
      Courtney Lindberg City of Ventura
      Anna Frankel San Francisco Department of the Environment
      George Payba LA Sanitation
      Lisa Ryder Moore Environmental Programs
Session 4 Financing Your Recycling Facility Alice Scott Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank
Marshalle  Graham CalRecycle
Chris Houlemard CalRecycle
Renee Webster-Hawkins CPCFA
Nancee Trombley I-Bank
Session 5 Definition of Zero Waste   Ruth Abbe Abbe & Associates LLC
       Paul Connett
Session 6 Just In From Around the Globe - International Speakers Rodrigo Sabatini Zero Waste Brazil
Leslie Lukacs L2 Environmental
Enzo Favoino Zero Waste Italy
Pal Martensson Zero Waste Sweden
Camile Duran Zero Waste Sweden
Uno Lim Zero Waste Philippines
Buddy  Boyd Zero Waste Canada
Session 7 Problem Products and Packaging Redesign   Ruth Abbe Global Recycling Council of CRRA
      Patty Moore Moore Recycling
      Teresa Bui Californians Against Waste
      Arthur Boone NCRA
Session 8 Food Waste Prevention and Food Rescue for the Hungry Jack Macy City of San Francisco
Andrew Shakman LeanPath
Dana Frasz Foodshift
Session 9 Funding the Future We Want   Rob Hilton HF&H Consultants
      Heidi Sanborn CPSC
      John Dane CRRA
Session 10 Organic Programs for the Future We Want City of San Diego on the Journey to Zero Food Waste Ana Carvalho City of San Diego
A Rind is A Terrible Thing to Waste - Promoting Curbside Food Scraps Collection KIM BRAUN CITY OF SANTA MONICA KIM.BRAUN@SMGOV.NET
Tales from the Field: Tools for Implementing Organics Programs from the Ground Up Trevor Blythe EcoNomics, Inc.
U.S. EPA's Food Recovery Challenge and the Reducing Wasted Food & Packaging Program Andre Villasenor U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Rod Muir Sierra Club Canada
Session 11 Zero Waste in LA Film Industry   Amanda Scarano-Carter PGA Green West
      Amy Hammes EcoSet Consulting
      Lisa Day Fox Studios  
      Bert Ball L.A. SHARES
Session 12 Successful Multi-Family Composting - Yes, it can be done Jessica Aldridge Athens Services
Jason Sanders EcoSafe Zero Waste
Justin Schoenfelder Gilmore Investments
Lily Kelly Coalition for Resource Recovery, Global Green USA
Session 13 Implementing the Zero Waste Franchise   Karen Coca La Sanitation
      Daniel Meyers City of Los Angeles
      Lisa Carlson City of Los Angeles
      Dave Jones CH2M Hill
      Jose Romero ILWU
Session 14  AB 1826: Organics Lessons Learned from the Field Jack Macy SFE
Bob Horowitz CalRecycle
Steven Chiv SFE
Brian Mathews StopWaste
Session 15   EPR Policies: Get the Facts   Tedd Ward Del Norte SWMA
      Neil Seldman Inst. For Local Self Reliance
Session 16  Compost Use for Healthy Soils: Water Conservation Dan Noble USCC
tbd LA Cash for Grass Program
John Wick Marin Soils Project
tbd Seattle Soils for Salmon Project
David Crohn UC Irvine
Session 17   Spotlight on Plastic Recycling   Todd Sutton Waste Sleuth
      Patty Moore Moore Recycling Assoc.
      Sally Houghton Moore Recycling Assoc.  
      Stacey  Ward-Luddy Moore Recycling Assoc.  
      Nina Bellucci Moore Recycling Assoc.  
      Tonya Randall Moore Recycling Assoc.  
      Mike Centers Titus Services
Session 18   Schools on the Path to Zero Waste The 90 Percent Challenge:  Changing the Culture of Wasting at Schools Jennifer Abbe AUSD
A School on the Path to Zero Waste Billy Reid Salida USA
K-12 Recycling Challenge Ray Scott Keep California Beautiful 
Moderator Debbi Dodson Carton Council

Thursday 8/6 Session Topic Presentation Title Presenter Name Organization Email
Session 19   Clean & Green Streets Carol Armstrong City of Los Angeles
Leo  Martinez City of Los Angeles
Wing Tam City of Los Angeles
Alex Helou City of Los Angeles
Session 20   Market Report for E-waste, Matresses, and Plastics Implemeting California's Used Mattress and Recovery Act Mike O'Donnell Mattress Recycling Council
Recycling E-Waste Responsibly -- The Importance of Protecting Digital Data John Shegerian Electronic Recyclers International
Office Equipment - Act Responsibly: Purchase, Use, Recycle Patricia Dillon State Electronics Challenge (Northeast Recycling Council)
Alan  Ha San Jose Conservation Corps
Session 21   The New Zero Waste Paradigm Latest Tools to Protect Zero Waste Brand Richard Anthony Richard Anthony Associates
2014 Statewide Waste Characterization Study Presentation of Results - wants to present results of study with CalRecycle Staff Dieter Eckels Cascadia Consulting Group
2014 Statewide Waste Characterization Study Presentation of Results - wants to present results of study with CalRecycle Staff Nancy Carr CalRecycle
"The Uberization of the Solid Waste Industry" Evan Edgar Organic Waste Solutions
Carrots & Stick, Incentives & Enforcement: San Francisco's Zero Waste approach to recycling and composting compliance Steven Chiv San Francisco Department of the Environment
Monica Devincenzi Republic Services
Session 22   Achieving High Capture Rates for Organics Achieving High Capture Rates in a Major City: Case Study of SSO in Milan Christian Garaffa Novamont
Food Waste Processing to Reclaim Highest Value Components: Water, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fiber, & FOG. Louie Pellegrini Mission Trail Waste Systems
Organics Exchange Program in Southern California Jessica Toth Solana Center for Environmental Innovation
Jennifer Winfrey San Diego County
Getting Ahead of the Game: Ventura's Schools Implement Organics Program Jill Santos City of Ventura
Session 23 Reuse and Repair Vignettes Strategies for Opening and Running Retail Reuse Warehouse Ted Reiff The ReUse People of America
Changing the Face of Donating, the New Storefront Model. Beth Forsberg Goodwill Industries of San Diego County
"RE-buildings..."   Reusing Resources to Address Community Concerns Carol Ashley Demo 2 Design
Amy  Hammes
Session 24 Reducing Waste in the Arts - Artists Making the Change Justin Yoffe Arts Earth Partnership
Jolene  Hanson G2 Gallery
Rebecca Ehemann Green Public Art Consultancy
Jessica Aldridge Athens Waste Services
Session 26 Stretching Your Municipal Budget Through Community Partnerships Colleen Foster City of Oceanside
Lori Somers Waste Management
Rick Wright Main Street Oceanside
Pamela Lambert Oceanside Unified School District
Jenna Roripaugh City of Oceanside
Session 27   Market Your Program Using Social Media and Other Technologies 4R Kids Exhibit Mobile Field Trip on Wheels Rachel Ross Tehama County Sanitary Landfill Agency
Lessons Learned from Zero Waste Pursuits in the North - Diverting Organics from Businesses & Institutions Tamara Shulman Tetra Tech
Pauline Martinson I Love A Clean San Diego
Martie Solomon
Session 28   Carpet Recycling in California Carpet Recycling in California under AB 2398: Progress and Major Changes to Program Robert Peoples CARE
Ronald Greitzer LA Fiber Company
Wes Nelson GreenWaste
Brennen Jensen CARE
Robert Peoples CARE
Session 29   Not just getting the Facts - Getting the message to matter Lisa Duba Gigantic Idea Studio
Nancy Roberts Gigantic Idea Studio
Stefanie Pruegel Gigantic Idea Studio
Peter Gallotta Gigantic Idea Studio
Session 30  Organics News From the Capitol  Evan Edgar Edgar & Associates
Nick Lapis CAW
Matt Cotton IWM Consulting
Session 31 Cartons for Recovery Cartons - Southern California Recovery, End Markets, and Innovations Jeff Epstein Carton Council
Miguel Zermeno City of Los Angeles
Mike Centers Titus Services
Dan  Domonoske Potential Industries
Session 32   ReThink Disposable: Source Reduction of Single-Use Disposable Food and Beverage Packaging Samantha Sommer Clean Water Action
Rich Grousset BizeeBox, Inc.
John Hanscom John T. Hanscom Consulting
Miriam Gordon Clean Water Action
Session 33   Program Implementation - Analyzing the Results Recycling with Integrity:  The Changing Waste Stream and our Drive for Diversion. Susan Robinson Waste Management
Review of Current Beverage Container Recycling and Collection Systems in California George Donkor Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)
Review of Current Beverage Container Recycling and Collection Systems in California Mike Miller Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)
Green Grocery Stores in Brazil Tracie Bills SCS Engineers
Susan Robinson Waste Management
Session 34   Four Tech Trends that will Help Your Program Achieve Better Results Four tech trends that will help your program achieve better results Stephen Groner S. Groner Associates
Rachel Dowd S. Groner Associates
Philip Kao S. Groner Associates
Stephen Groner S. Groner Associates
Session 35   Creating Community Through Donation and Reuse Sarah Davis City of Oceanside
Colleen Foster City of Oceanside
April Andrews Goodwill Industries of San Diego County
Devon Strong Kit n Kaboodle

Friday 8/7 Session Topic Presentation Title Present Name Organization Email
Session 37  RFP-It And they Will Come- Developing Organics Programs and Infrastructure  Matt Cotton CORC
Rob Hilton HF&H
Karen Coca City of Los Angeles
Session 38   Programs That Work Community Outreach in Multi-family Complexes Jessica Robinson Miss Alameda Says Compost and Northern California Recycling Association
Zero Waste in a Retail Food Court Anne Krieghoff UCI Facilities Management Sustainability
We’re Stuck!  Strategies for Communities with Mature Recycling & Composting Collection Programs LISA Skumatz SERA SKUMATZ@SERAINC.COM
Burbank Master Recycler Program: Public/Private Partnership Olivia Sanchez Burrtec Waste Industries/City of Burbank
Burbank Master Recycler Program: Public/Private Partnership Kreigh Hampel City of Burbank
Martie Solomon City of Chula Vista
Session 39   Metrics and Tools for Assessing and Establishing Community Zero Waste Programs Portia Sinnott GRRN/ZWUSA
Assessment Tools For High Diversion and Zero Waste Karen Irwin EPA Region 9
Assessment Tools For High Diversion and Zero Waste Marty Seaman Resource Recycling Systems
Environmentally-Preferable Purchasing How-To Marivic Sabillo City of Los Angeles (Solid Resources Citywide Recycling Division, LA Sanitation)
Session 40  Programs for the Future CRYSTAL BALL: Organics Processing Contracts and Future Changes: feedstock composition and makets Constance Hornig Law Offices
The Road to Zero Waste Jesse Escobar University of California, Los Angeles
Managing a Door to Door Residential Hazardous Waste Collection Program in Your City Cheri Donnelly City of Cupertino
Managing a Door to Door Residential Hazardous Waste Collection Program in Your City Alex Wykoff City of Cupertino
Managing a Door to Door Residential Hazardous Waste Collection Program in Your City Rob  D'Arcy County of Santa Clara

Jesse Escobar University of California, Los Angeles
Session 41   Zero Waste at Special Events Zero Waste Athletics: Striving for Zero Waste at Football and Basketball Games Lin King UC Berkeley
Professional surf contests are stoked to inspire sustainability and divert waste Kevin Whilden Sustainable Surf
Going beyond zero waste at PGA events and venues Abbie Beane The Offset Project
Moving up the hierarchy - Paving the way for reusables at large events Michael Siminitus Waste Busters
Green Venue Report, Benchmarking Sustainabilty in the Events & Meetings Industry Johanna Walsh Twirl Management
Moderator Lin King UC Berkeley
Session 42  Creative Building Reuse and C&D Programs Toxic Trash - Recycling Interior Construction and Demolition Debris Richard Ludt Interior Removal Specialist, Inc.
Lori Marra City of Fremont
Salvaging the Built Environment: historic preservation and adaptive reuse of notable buildings. Ted Reiff The ReUse People of America
Tyla Montgomery Inika Small Earth
Session 43   Nuts and Bolts of AB 1826 Rob Hilton HF&H Consultants
Jennifer Wallin CalRecycle
Matt Cotton IWMC
Session 44   Repair and Share A Quarter Century of Managing LA's Materials Reuse Program Bert Ball L.A. SHARES
Tinkerers, Fixers, Sharers & Treasure Hunters: Promoting Reuse in Your Community Kim Braun CITY OF SANTA MONICA
Increasing Large Item Recycling at MFDs Alana Rivadeneyra City of San Jose 
Session 45  Sustainable Materials Management for the Global Economy SMM Overview Cheryl Coleman US EPA
NRC's National Plan for Sustainable Materials Management Gary Liss Recyclers Global Warming Council

Julie Haas-Wajdowicz Recyclers Global Warming Council
Session 46   Good Food in LA Tyler Isaac Simply Nutty
Finian  Makepeace Kiss The Ground
Rishi Kumar Growing Home
Michael Martinez LA Compost
Rick Nahmias Food Forward
Claire Fox Good Food LA
Sission 47   "Plastic Paradise" - Film Screening with Angela Sun 
Charles Moore Algalita Marine Research and Education
Angela  Sun
Session 48 Producer Responsibility: How are they doing? Heidi Sanborn California Product Stewardship Council
Lisa Mekis Carpet Recovery
Mark Tibbetts Thermostat Recycling Corporation
Mike O'Donnell Mattress Recycling Council
Mark Kurschner Paint Care
Leo Raudys Call2Recycle

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